Hello, last week I went to the Museum of Modern Art Arnhem (MMKA in dutch) because I read they had an exposition about Piet Paris and a photo exposition from Louise te Poele about the most recent graduated fashion design students from ArtEZ. And seen the fact that I had an day off and I have free access to the museum I thought why not. The exposition about Piet Paris was ok, not really big but still quite lovely and a great example of his work. But if you were planning to travel far for it, I can tell you it's not worth it. The pictures from Louise te Poele where amazing and sort of funny because I recognized some people from school so that was really awesome. But the exposition Framis in Progress (the one this post is actually dedicated to) was what I liked most. It is about some works from Alicia Framis, a Spanish artist. The photo set 'Foreign Affairs' (last photo) and the 'One nightstent' (fourth picture) were my favorite parts of the exposition. But she did many more awesome things, with all kind of materials and messages. (I am showing you only a small part) You should really check out her website, and if you are in/near Arnhem the exposition. Have a great weekend! X