Hej there, this weekend has been pretty lame. I worked all weekend long, worked today and I'll be working tomorrow. Last friday I visited the MoBA with my mom, so I finally made some pictures. And after that I went to All Time Low in the 013. Which was reaaaaly awesome! Another really awesome thing, today I booked a trip to London with one of my best friends. We're visiting a friend of mine who lives there for a month. She is leaving the day after we arrive, but at least she gave me a reason to go to London. SO FREAKING EXCITED. Now I am gonna leave you with some pictures of one of the expositions of MoBA: HURRAY. This is an exposition put together because it is ArtEZ' sixtieth anniversary. You can find here works of graduated fashion student from all over the world. 
Next time I'll show you a little bit more from the MoBA. If you haven't been to it you should really go. It's still in Arnhem until the 21th of July. Have a nice weekend! XX