A new begin starts with new hair! Yes I dyed my hair purple (and cut of some inches but thats not for the first time and was quite necessary). I couldn't be happier with it, I mean it was quite an investment but I am so happy with it. Perfect way to start a new period in my life. New school, new room, new city, new friends (I am keeping my boyfriend though!) and (hopefully) many more beautiful/nice/wonderful things.
Quick update on life:
Being a volunteer at MoBA is really fun (ok I admit also very boring sometimes) I have already met so many nice and inspiring people!
I have like zero spare time. And every second that I've noting I am spending with zhe boyfriend.
I didn't only get accepted at SintLucas, they also thought my work was good enough for the second year!
I found a room in Eindhoven and I am moving very soon. The room is huge and I have my own kitchen (big yay!).
I developed my Rock am Ring pictures, so I'll be showing them to you very soon.
And I have a really cool trip to London with a friend on the schedule.
So many fun things for the near future!! Talk to you soon c: X