002: Fashionclash Maastricht

Here is part 2 of Fashionclash (part001). After the Fashionclash Expo we went to the market. This was also quite small but still lovely. Some brands/designers really appealed to me. There was also a little corner from FEE concept-store which is a vintage store that also is here in Sittard (where I live, probably the only vintage store). 

Next is Keta Gutmane x BLANKBLANK, Unfortunately I could find anything of the collection apart form this video. But the really last shot (of the girl with the galaxy printed dress around 2:00) sort of show everything you must see to get excited about this collection, think galaxy, studs, and see trough belts.

Another brand I really liked is I Am Nold, probably the main reason is because I have a new obsession with tote bags and their's were so lovely. On their site I found out that their clothing is also really lovely, so you should really check that out!

Joelle Boers just graduated, and had some really simple dresses with the most beautiful symmetric prints which kind of reminded me of Alexander McQueen. The prints on the dresses and tops in pure silk are compiled with pictures of waste Joelle Boers shot herself. She also had some basic white shirts with really awesome drawings. 

Again my obsession with tote bags, OnsKentOns is a bag-project from designers Djoeke & Martine from Amsterdam. They make tote bags with (mainly) dutch statements. I think it is really cute and I kind of regret not buying one. But I am kind of broke so.