If We Had Our Way, We Would Do This Everyday

So it is official, yesterday I went to my high school for the last time. On monday I had to sign my diploma and yesterday was the graduation ceremony. It was quite nice but after 2 hours I was ready to go home, unfortunately it took 3 hours with all the boring talks and music breaks. After that I went to a party, only for an hour because I had the work today. 
Today the other book I got from my parents for graduating came with the mail. It is way bigger than I thought it was, but that's a good thing. I am super happy with it!
In the afternoon I went to DeWolff who played in the music machine. There I got the CD, that I got at my graduation party, signed. They played a couple songs of the new album and they were amazing! (as usual haha) 
Tonight I am going to two party's and tomorrow I am probably going to sleep all day and maybe look for a room in Arnhem. Have a lovely weekend! XX