Pretty Nails

Today I had a relax day, after the last few days I needed that. I slept till noon, cleaned my room and looked for rooms in Arnhem. Around 4 o'clock I went to the city with my parents and sister. We had to do some shopping for Rock Werchter, read: duct tape & batteries. (Only 4 days left!!!) And after that we went for dinner at an Australian restaurant. For graduating I also got a gift voucher from Douglas. So we also went there. I am not really a Douglas person, because everything is aways so expensive. But I figured I could buy nail polish for the voucher. Normally I would never spend 15 euros for nail polish but seem the fact that it was a gift and I fell in love with this color I figured that it couldn't do no harm. I am already wearing it and it is sooo beautiful. I wanted to make a picture of my nails but the pictures that I made didn't show how beautiful it really is so. I personally don't really get why I got the case with it and what the use of it is but whatever. XX