So Happy I Could Die

It has been a while but that was because I was to buzzy partying (and working unfortunately). Because I am official graduated from high school!!! Last week the amazing news came and since then I can't stop smiling! Last Saturday evening was my graduation party, (7-8) I had a lovely evening! I got some lovely presents, a cake (4) en a picture painting (5) from my best friends and much money from family and friends. I also got one of the books I showed you here from my parents. The other one is still on his way to me. The book is even prettier than I at first thought and I am really happy with it. For my real graduation present must I wait until my parents went on holiday to the US. But I already feel like the happiest girl in the world. Hopefully we will look for a room in Arnhem really soon and of course hopefully will I find a nice room. XX