I'd Run Away, He's In My Dreams

So of course more happened to me lately than a cat dress. Since the moment my vacation started I had a 100 thing that I had to do. Well maybe not a 100 but it felt that way so. First of all, my exams went well and I check them all and if my calculations are correct I am graduated! Unfortunately I have to wait until 14 June to be completely sure. 
 2. Also the past few days were pretty hectic at home. My mom ordered a new floor so our complete living room had to be empty before last tuesday. And the night of wednesday to thursday we couldn't get in the house and we slept at my grandparents. Now it is saturday and the floor is done and all the furniture is back in the living room fortunately. 
3. On wednesday we had to get out of the house early (for the floor) so I went to the gym with my mom for the first time since september. After that we had lunch and then I went to a friend who had a day off. And she entertained me the rest of the day. Later in the evening I went to the movie Dark Shadow's with friends. I thought it was a nice movie, but not one of the best Tim Burton movies.
4. Thursday I went to the hair dresser, who cut my hair way to short. At fist I really hated it, but now I am getting used to it. After that I spend the rest of the day inviting people for my graduation party and cleaning my room (boring, haha) 
5. Yesterday I went to 'hoogstaten' where I am going to work during the holidays. I am starting monday and we (the friend I am going to work with and me) got a little tour and a small introduction about the work we're going to do. After that I spend the rest of the day reading the last book of the hunger games trilogy. I started around 11 o'clock and finished it around 7. After that I read them all, I liked the first book the most. In the evening I went out for dinner with my parents and sister. When we got home we moved all our furniture back inside. And then I went to the city for a drink with my friends

So that what I've been doing this week. Today I've hockey and in the evening I am going out with some friends to a party called proud 2b fout, which I am really excited about! Have a wonderful weekend! XX