Hey, I Bought Some New Shoes

And suddenly everything feels right! Today was a good day, I went to Maastricht with mom after work. The main reason why we went was because I really wanted some new loafers (and of course I just needed some shopping time) Well eventually I found the perfect ones at invito. But of course didn't have my size, fortunately they could order it for me. So they will deliver them monday or tuesday, yay! I showed you the orange wedges from Zara before here. This time I actually tried them on, but my mom had to think about it. So you can guess how our conversations start from now on. ("hey mom have you decided yet?" "hey mom you know what would look really nice with this? Those orange wedges!") I know where my first salary is going to, hihi. I will show all my other percases really soon to you! XX

p.s: The Lula magazine has finally arrived today, and it was totally the wait (and money) worth it! <3