On a normal friday I spend my entire day at my internship. But this friday was different. Because I went to the graduation and graduation expo of the art academie in Breda. I had never been to this school before but my internship supervisors (don't even know if that is the right way to describe them but anyway) graduated there six years ago. A former intern graduated today and they were part of the board of examiners. So they had to go and they asked me to come. And of course I said yes. I spend most of the time at the expo because I didn't really knew anyone who was graduating, and I just really wanted to see the work they all made. You can enjoy my beautiful iPhone pictures above. And I will write the names (and if I can find their site) of the people who I liked most here to. (I liked a lot more, but I didn't wrote everything down. The names are only from the cards and other stuff I took.)