As soon as I heard about the ELLE Festival I wanted to go. But after I found out that I had to pay for a ticket I kind of forgot about it. Luckily for me the studio I am interning at, showed one of their carpets at the ELLE Festival (see first image) and they got two free tickets left. So yay for me and my mom. I had a great day even though it took us about 4 hours to only get to Amsterdam. 
We went to the ELLE Palvioen and the graduation expo of academie artemis for styling. Even though the ELLE Palvioen wasn't very big, everything looked beautiful! And the graduation expo was really busy, but also really beautiful. Especially my mom was really exited about the expo. I had a fun day in Amsterdam, but I don't know if I will visit the ELLE Festival again. We'll see next year. Until then let's enjoy the pictures I took. (My 50mm lens and I are starting to get the best friends ever!)