Look how well I am doing at this blogging thing! I am rather impressed with myself. I just wrote two post every week for the last three weeks. I mean it is nothing if you compare it with other bloggers. But for me, that is actually something to be proud of. Ok ok I know well done, but can I keep this up? I don't know, we shall see. But let me at least celebrate a little bit.

Anyway I have another reason to be proud! This weekend (18th, 19th & 20th of July) the work of 14 creative students between the age of 18 and 25 years old will be exposed in the modern art museum of Venlo. Included me, myself and I! I must admit even though it is only in Venlo (a small town in Limburg, the Netherlands) I am quite nerves. And also proud to be one of these 14 people. And well it is maybe a small museum, at least it is a museum! MY WORK IS GOING TO BE EXPOSED AT A MUSEUM!!!! I got everything ready, I even ordered some new business cards. With my 'logo' and my actual email address and website (check it out here). In case you were wondering, yes that was not the case on my previous business cards (oops)
So please, if you are somehow near Venlo, or you aren't but you want to see this anyway (and your not going to the festival DOUR (like my boyfriend is) or to New York (like my parents and sister)) come and visit me and my beautiful masterpiece! For more info you can check out the website of the museum or the event on Facebook

I have some free tickets left, because as you could read above my parents, sister and boyfriend aren't available then. See you there!!

oh p.s I went the the ELLE Festival a while ago. I will post those pictures on friday. (yes that's right an actual promise from me to you!)