Lately I have been seeing a lot of movies! And by that I mean in a movie theater. Because well let's be honest, there is a huge difference between seeing a movie in a theater and seeing one in bed or on your couch! The biggest difference (and don't even try to deny it!) is that the movie you are watching from you couch, (or bed whatever floats your boat) you've just downloaded from the internet.
Don't get me wrong I am not judging you. But in the last few months the movie theater has won my heart back. Well that's not completely right, the art house has won my heart over. 

Here is why (This is totally my opinion, based on my experience the last few months):
- the movies are sooo much cheaper, you pay like max. 7,50 euro. Mean while you are paying 11,50 euro for a movie in a regular theater.
- look at these cute tickets you get when you buy a ticket!
- the movies are so pretty, and they have a proper storyline. (don't get me wrong I did love the other woman as well, so predictable and so nice after a long day of work)
- you feel a lot smarter after watching one of the movies.
- the movies are often spoken in another language. What makes you feel (as said before) much more clever. But also fits a lot better with the story of the movie.
- smaller screening rooms.
- you aren't allowed to eat or drink during the movie. (ok maybe a downside for some of you, but no noise, and you're not getting fatter than you already are!)
- the food/drinks you can buy before and after the movie aren't crazy expensive and a lot better and healthier.

The movies I saw over the last two months are:

If you actually care what I thought about these movies, because as you know I have an opinion about everything. Please let me know, I could write something about it or something like that.