So right now as I am writing this my parents and sister are in New York for two and a half week. And my boyfriend is leaving in a couple days for three weeks traveling through Europe. And I am left all alone in Eindhoven stuck at my internship. From the beginning I knew it was going to be difficult to work the entire summer holiday, but now I am actually starting to regret it. 
So to keep my mind of the fact that I feel really lonely right know, I start searching for something to look forward to. (after this really depressing phase of this year) The first upcoming fun thing is Pukkelpop 2014! Really looking forward to that (I went there two years ago as well)
But after that nothing. Absolutely nothing accept three weeks off in september. But with nothing planned that also sounds very boring. So I started looking for train tickets to Copenhagen, but that shit is extreeeemly expensive. So after that I thought Berlin, but my boyfriend is already going to Berlin during his trip through Europe. And he has never been to London before, so I guess we're going to London. As you might remember (or not) I went there last summer and the summer before that. So I am a little less excited about London. Don't get me wrong I loooove being there and getting there is sooo cheap. But it is not that new anymore. But like I said it is cheap to get there and well I do everything for le boyfriend (if he asks nicely of course). 

I know how to get in London, but if you have ANY tips about staying please say so. The hostel I stayed at last year was ok for a shopping trip with a friend. But I actually want to stay a little longer with my boyfriend. So tips are more than welkom!